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If you’re reading this, you’re considering—perhaps have already decided upon—tutoring for yourself or a member of your family. Chances are, you’ve been recommended by one of my present or past students—word-of-mouth is my primary advertising medium. Maybe you’ve seen one of my occasional flyers or Craigslist postings. I’ve tried on this site to anticipate the questions you’re likely to have about finding the right tutor.
Math and English (Verbal Skills) are my specialties. Since the fall of 2002, I've been helping students from all backgrounds and educational environments get more from their school experience. I take particular pride in having helped students improve their grades on standardized tests after expensive, brand-name test-prep companies let them down.
No, I’m not a magician. Rather, I cultivate my students’ innate abilities and their commitment to improve their grades or test scores. Sometimes they (and often their parents) aren’t sure they have that commitment, because it's buried under a sense of failure or false bravado, but part of my job is to help them re-discover it.
My students have taught me things while I’ve taught them—about the infinite variety of learning and test-taking issues they face, and the imagination, flexibility and perseverance it takes to overcome those difficulties. As they become comfortable in our relationship, my students provide much of the flexibility and perseverance themselves. My greatest contributions are patience and a knack for finding the best way for each student of explaining complex concepts, so that we never have to leave a topic without the student “getting it.”
Please check out any of the pages on this site that interest you. When you have, if there’s any further information you need, don’t hesitate to get in touch. I look forward to talking to you and/or the student in your family.
If you’re interested in preparing for a forthcoming test, I’d like to have a stab at persuading you not to leave it till the last minute. I can make a difference even if your test is only a week away, but cramming is hard on the student, and not nearly as effective as reviewing the material and practicing unhurriedly over three or four months.
And if you assume quality tutoring is something you can’t afford, please see the page How I Work.
Mike Brecher